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Cars driving on a highway

We go the
extra mile for you.

Offering an array of courier and logistics services across Canada.

Delivery Men


We're a full-service courier and logistics company based in Saskatoon and serve a diverse range of clients across Canada. With a customer satisfaction focus, we provide a tailored approach to your shipping needs to truly be an "easy button" for you and your business.

With 400+ delivery points in Saskatchewan alone, easy dispatching, and a versatile vehicle fleet, we're ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations! 

We don't "just" do parcels. We pride ourselves on delivering fragile, oddly shaped, and high-valued goods, on time, for your business. 

Needing some more space? We have you covered. With short or long-term storage we have the extra room you need with cross-docking and pick-up depot functionality.

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